• Dear Scale, It's You. Not Me. Really.

    Dear Scale, It’s You. Not Me.

    For me, the scale only sparks three emotions. One of those emotions is excitement, which occurs on the seemingly rare occasion that the number on the scale has gone down since a…

  • because we are broken together
    Seeking God

    Because We Are Broken Together

    For the last week or so, I have been trying to write a post about how my husband and I came to accepting Jesus into our lives. I have struggled greatly with…

  • It's time to let the guilt go and start taking care of you. You're worth it.
    Love & Life

    Taking Care of You

    Hey, you! Yeah, you! Do me favor, please? Take care of YOU. As in eat healthy, exercise regularly, make those appointments that are long overdue, have lunch with friend, take a nap,…

  • What My Diabetes Diagnosis Has Taught Me

    What My Diabetes Diagnosis Has Taught Me

    As someone who’s been dealing with diabetes-like symptoms since childhood and constantly being told that my glucose levels were slightly elevated but nothing to be overly concerned about, recently receiving a diabetes…