Hey there! My name is Alison and welcome to Blossoming Intentions! You have landed in the middle of my lifestyle blog and I am so excited for you to be spending a few moments of your precious time here with me. I hope we become great friends!

I am a woman of faith, recently saved by God’s grace, venturing into my thirties and learning to live this life more intentionally! My heart belongs to my handsome, xbox playing, model car building, always joking, grease covered, automotive technician of a husband, Patrick!

Patrick and I on our wedding day.

Patrick and I on our wedding day in 2014. Photo taken by Oakwood Photography.


He may not buy me wine and roses, but I can always count on him for an oil change, new tires or to come to my rescue when my car starts making some clunky clunk noise! While we do dream of starting a family of our own one day, we currently don’t have any tiny humans in our lives. We do, however, have three rambunctious feline furchildren who keep us very busy and entertained in the meantime!


Our feline furchildren - BlossomingIntentions.com

My days are spent serving as the sole graphic designer and bookkeeper of a locally owned commercial printing company that I have been with since 2008. And my evenings? Well, those are spent helping others achieve their health and fitness goals!

After being diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year, I realized that something needed to change in my life, and I desperately wanted a career that would allow me to focus on my own health while improving the lives of others. And just like that, an Independent Beachbody Coach stepped into my life and showed me the way! I am now an Indepdent Beachbody Coach myself and working hard every day to get in the best shape of my life, inspire healthy habits in those around me, and build a career doing such!

I’m looking forward to sharing bits about this crazy life of mine with you through posts on life, love, faith, food and fitness! Be sure to stick around for awhile and to use the links at the top of the page to follow me on social media!